BCOM Share Price

Open 20.18 Change Price %
High 20.29 1 Day 0.39 1.96
Low 20.18 1 Week 0.90 4.64
Close 20.29 1 Month 0.39 1.96
Volume 1155 1 Year -6.27 -23.61
52 Week High 27.96
52 Week Low 0.00
BCOM Important Levels
Resistance 2 20.39
Resistance 1 20.35
Pivot 20.25
Support 1 20.23
Support 2 20.19
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FNFG 10.18 -0.20%
DELL 13.86 0.22%
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RIMM 13.03 0.39%
BBEP 0.12 0.00%
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DCTH 0.02 0.00%
SUSQ 14.20 -0.77%
ACAS 17.99 0.39%
CMCSA 40.34 0.02%
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BSDM 0.62 26.53%
SNTA 0.34 25.93%
OTT 2.39 25.13%
LIME 2.15 22.16%
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OSH 0.26 -49.02%
DVOX 0.05 -44.44%
PRXI 0.21 -43.24%
TRGT 0.96 -41.46%
ULTR 0.05 -37.50%

B Communications Ltd. (NASDAQ: BCOM)

BCOM Technical Analysis 2.5
As on 25th May 2017 BCOM Share Price closed @ 20.29 and we RECOMMEND Strong Sell for LONG-TERM with Stoploss of 22.19 & Strong Buy for SHORT-TERM with Stoploss of 19.76 we also expect STOCK to react on Following IMPORTANT LEVELS.
BCOM Target for May
1st Target up-side 29.69
2nd Target up-side 37.39
3rd Target up-side 45.09
1st Target down-side 7.71
2nd Target down-side 0.01
3rd Target down-side -7.69
BCOM Other Details
Segment EQ
Market Capital 168574208.00
Sector Technology
Industry Diversified Communication Services
Offical website http://www.bcommunications.co.il
BCOM Address
2 Dov Friedman Street
Ramat Gan, 52503
Phone: 972 3 924 0000
BCOM Latest News
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BCOM Business Profile
B Communications Ltd., incorporated in 1999, is focused on the telecommunications industry. The Company has ownership interest in Bezeq The Israel Telecommunications Corp. Ltd. (Bezeq). Bezeq is the principal provider of communications services in Israel. Bezeq and its subsidiaries implement and provide a range of telecommunications operations and services, including domestic fixed-line, cellular, Internet services, international communication services, multi-channel television, satellite broadcasts, customer call centers, maintenance and development of communications infrastructures, provision of communications services to other communications providers, television broadcasts, and supply and maintenance of equipment on customer premises, such as network endpoint services. Bezeq has a general license for the provision of domestic fixed-line communication services in Israel. As a domestic carrier, Bezeq provides fixed-line telephony services, Internet infrastructure and access services, transmission and data communication services. Bezeq's telephony services include basic telephony services on domestic telephone lines and associated services, such as voice mail, caller identification data (ID), call waiting, call forwarding, speed dial, and conference calls. Bezeq also provides national services for businesses (1-800, 1-700) that offer full or partial payment for incoming calls by businesses. Bezeq operates about 12,500 public telephones around the country. Bezeq operates a telephone directory for fixed-line and cellular telephony operators, as well as a Website, which is free of charge. The directory service provides data with respect to all of the telephone subscribers in Israel. As of December 31, 2011, Bezeq had 1,111,000 Internet subscribers. Data communications services are network services for point-to-point transfer of data, transfer of data between computers and various communications networks, services to connect communications networks to the Internet, and remote access services. Bezeq offers transmission services, including high speed services, to other communications operators and to its business customers over a variety of protocols. Bezeq provides services to other communications operators, including the cellular and international operators, network end point (NEP) operators, internet service providers (ISPs), domestic operators, and Palestinian communications providers. Bezeq’s services include infrastructure, connection to Bezeq's network, transmission, billing and collection, rental of space and provision of services in its rented properties and rights of use for submarine cables.