CFNB Share Price

Open 17.05 Change Price %
High 17.20 1 Day 0.05 0.29
Low 17.05 1 Week -0.05 -0.29
Close 17.05 1 Month 0.70 4.28
Volume 846 1 Year 2.10 14.05
52 Week High 17.30
52 Week Low 0.00
CFNB Important Levels
Resistance 2 17.19
Resistance 1 17.13
Pivot 17.10
Support 1 16.97
Support 2 16.91
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SUSQ 14.20 -0.77%
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DCTH 0.02 -33.33%
WRES 0.09 28.57%
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OSH 0.26 -49.02%
DVOX 0.05 -44.44%
PRXI 0.21 -43.24%

California First National Bancorp (NASDAQ: CFNB)

CFNB Technical Analysis 5
As on 23rd May 2017 CFNB Share Price closed @ 17.05 and we RECOMMEND Strong Buy for LONG-TERM with Stoploss of 15.27 & Strong Buy for SHORT-TERM with Stoploss of 16.20 we also expect STOCK to react on Following IMPORTANT LEVELS.
CFNB Target for May
1st Target up-side 16.94
2nd Target up-side 17.24
3rd Target up-side 17.55
1st Target down-side 16.06
2nd Target down-side 15.76
3rd Target down-side 15.45
CFNB Other Details
Segment EQ
Market Capital 188676912.00
Sector Financial
Industry Regional - Pacific Banks
Offical website
CFNB Address
28 Executive Park
Suite 300
Irvine, CA 92614
United States
Phone: 949-255-0500
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CFNB Business Profile
California First National Bancorp is a bank holding company with a bank subsidiary, California First National Bank (the Bank) and leasing subsidiary, California First Leasing Corp (CalFirst Leasing). The primary business of the Company is leasing and financing capital assets, while CalFirst Bank also participates in the syndicated commercial loan market, provides business loans to fund the purchase of assets leased by third parties, including CalFirst Leasing, and offers commercial loans directly to businesses. CalFirst Bank gathers deposits from a centralized location primarily through posting rates on the Internet. All banking and other operations are conducted from one central location. As of June 30, 2012, leases accounted for 75% of the Company’s net investment in leases and loans. The Company leases and finances most capital assets used by businesses and organizations, with a focus on high technology systems and other mission critical assets. In addition to computer systems and networks, property leased includes automated manufacturing and distribution management systems, production systems, printing presses and warehouse distribution systems. Telecommunications systems include digital private branch equipment and switching equipment, as well as voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) systems, wireless networks and satellite tracking systems. Other electronic equipment leased includes robotic surgical systems, ultrasound and medical imaging systems, computer-based patient monitoring systems, testing equipment, and copying equipment. In addition, it leases a wide variety of non-high technology property, including oil and gas production equipment, machine tools, school buses, trucks, exercise equipment and office and dormitory furniture. Of the leases booked during fiscal year ended June 30, 2012 (fiscal 2012), approximately 36% involved computer equipment and software, 15% manufacturing and distribution equipment, 9% furniture and fixtures, 9% yellow equipment, 7% transportation equipment, 6% exercise equipment and 5% medical equipment. Cal-first Leasing and Cal-first Bank provide leasing and financing to customers throughout the United States and across a breadth of industries and disciplines, including commercial, industrial and financial companies, as well as government and non-profit entities.