CBPO Share Price

Open 77.85 Change Price %
High 79.09 1 Day -0.24 -0.31
Low 77.62 1 Week 0.00 0.00
Close 77.71 1 Month -2.43 -3.03
Volume 475692 1 Year -47.63 -38.00
52 Week High 125.99
52 Week Low 76.26
CBPO Important Levels
Resistance 2 79.07
Resistance 1 78.51
Pivot 78.14
Support 1 76.91
Support 2 76.35
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RFMD 16.59 -2.07%
MU 44.31 6.39%
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RIMM 13.03 0.39%
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HLIT 3.70 25.42%
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QNST 8.90 20.76%
VRTA 4.00 19.40%
SNSS 2.56 19.07%
GCFB 0.44 18.92%
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TXCC 0.01 -95.00%
GMETP 0.15 -76.92%
HCIIP 10.10 -67.52%
CRMB 0.27 -57.81%
KIOR 0.03 -57.14%
OSH 0.26 -49.02%
OSH 0.26 -49.02%
DVOX 0.05 -44.44%
PRXI 0.21 -43.24%
TRGT 0.96 -41.46%

China Biologic Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBPO)

CBPO Technical Analysis 5
As on 31st Oct 2017 CBPO Share Price closed @ 77.71 and we RECOMMEND Strong Sell for LONG-TERM with Stoploss of 103.94 & Strong Sell for SHORT-TERM with Stoploss of 89.96 we also expect STOCK to react on Following IMPORTANT LEVELS.
CBPO Target for May
1st Target up-side 90.77
2nd Target up-side 99.92
3rd Target up-side 109.07
1st Target down-side 64.65
2nd Target down-side 55.5
3rd Target down-side 46.35
CBPO Other Details
Segment EQ
Market Capital 278655552.00
Sector Healthcare
Industry Biotechnology
Offical website http://www.chinabiologic.com
CBPO Address
Jialong International Tower
18th Floor
Beijing, 100125
CBPO Latest News
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CBPO Business Profile
China Biologic Products, Inc. (China Biologic), on December 20, 1989, is a biopharmaceutical company. The Company through its indirect majority-owned People’s Republic of China subsidiaries, Shandong Taibang Biological Products Co. Ltd. (Shandong Taibang) and Guizhou Taibang Biological Products Co., Ltd. (Guizhou Taibang), and its minority-owned People’s Republic of China investee, Xi’an Huitian Blood Products Co., Ltd (Huitian), principally engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of human plasma-based pharmaceutical products in China. The Company is approved to sell human albumin with dosages of 20%/10 milliliters, 20%/25 milliliters, 20%/50 milliliters, 10%/10 milliliters, 10%/25 milliliters, 10%/50 milliliters and 25%/50 milliliters. The Company sells its products to customers in the People’s Republic of China, mainly hospitals and inoculation centers directly or through approved distributors. The Company’s products include Human Albumin, Human Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin, Human Immunoglobulin, Human Immunoglobulin for Intravenous Injection, Human Immunoglobulin, Thymopolypeptides Injection, Human Rabies Immunoglobulin and Human Tetanus Immunoglobulin. Human Albumin is used for shock caused by blood loss trauma or burn; raised intracranial pressure caused by hydrocephalus or trauma; Oedema or ascites caused by hepatocirrhosis and nephropathy; prevention and cure of low-density- lipoproteinemia; and Neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. Human Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin is used for the prevention of measles and contagious hepatitis. When applied together with antibiotics, its curative effect on certain severe bacteria or virus infection may be improved. Human Immunoglobulin, Human Immunoglobulin for Intravenous Injection and Human Immunoglobulin-5g/vial is used for original immunoglobulin deficiency, such as X chain low immunoglobulin, familiar variable immune deficiency, immunoglobulin G secondary deficiency; Secondary immunoglobulin deficiency: such as severe infection, newborn sepsis; and Auto-immune deficiency diseases, such as original thrombocytopenia purpura or kawasaki disease. Thymopolypeptides Injection is used for cure for various original and secondary T-cell deficiency syndromes, some auto-immune deficiency diseases and various cell immunity deficiency diseases, and assists in the treatment for tumors.