ARII Share Price

Open 36.70 Change Price %
High 37.47 1 Day 0.50 1.37
Low 36.70 1 Week 1.24 3.46
Close 37.12 1 Month 1.48 4.15
Volume 60841 1 Year -1.85 -4.75
52 Week High 51.10
52 Week Low 34.29
ARII Important Levels
Resistance 2 37.83
Resistance 1 37.54
Pivot 37.10
Support 1 36.70
Support 2 36.41
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American Railcar Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARII)

ARII Technical Analysis 2.5
As on 22nd Sep 2017 ARII Share Price closed @ 37.12 and we RECOMMEND Strong Sell for LONG-TERM with Stoploss of 40.40 & Strong Buy for SHORT-TERM with Stoploss of 36.27 we also expect STOCK to react on Following IMPORTANT LEVELS.
ARII Target for September
1st Target up-side 38.21
2nd Target up-side 39.76
3rd Target up-side 41.31
1st Target down-side 33.79
2nd Target down-side 32.24
3rd Target down-side 30.69
ARII Other Details
Segment EQ
Market Capital 618362496.00
Sector Services
Industry Railroads
Offical website
ARII Address
100 Clark Street
St Charles, MO 63301
United States
Phone: 636-940-6000
Fax: 636-940-6030
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ARII Business Profile
American Railcar Industries, Inc., incorporated in 1998, is a North American designer and manufacturer of hopper and tank railcars. The Company also leases, repairs and refurbishes railcars, provide fleet management services and design and manufacture certain railcar and industrial components. It provides its railcar customers with integrated solutions through a range of products and related services. Its primary customers include companies, which purchase railcars for lease by third parties, or leasing companies, industrial companies and those, which use railcars for freight transport, or shippers, and Class I railroads. In addition, it offers its customers the opportunity to lease railcars. These products and services provide it with cross-selling opportunities and insights into its customers’ railcar needs. The Company operates in two segments: manufacturing operations and railcar services. Manufacturing operations consist of railcar manufacturing, railcar leasing and railcar and industrial component manufacturing. Railcar services consist of railcar repair, refurbishment, engineering and fleet management services. The Company designs, manufactures and sells special, customized and general-purpose railcars and a range of components for the North American railcar and industrial markets. In addition, it offers railcars for lease. It also supports the railcar industry through a range of integrated railcar services, including repair, maintenance, consulting, engineering and fleet management services. It manufactures two types of railcars, hopper railcars and tank railcars. It offers its customers the option to buy or lease railcars. It also manufactures various components for railcar and industrial markets. The Company manufactures both general service and specialty hopper railcars at its Paragould complex. All of its hopper railcars equipped with varying combinations of hatches, discharge outlets and protective coatings. Its hopper railcars are designed for shipping a range of dry bulk products, from light density products, such as plastic pellets, to high-density products, such as cement and sand. It has improved its CenterFlow line of hopper railcars to provide protection for a range of dry bulk products. It has versions of its hopper railcar, which target specific customers and specific loads, including grain railcars, cement and sand railcars, plastic pellet railcars, pressureaide railcars, ore railcars and specialized railcars.