ARAY Share Price

Open 4.55 Change Price %
High 4.80 1 Day 0.05 1.06
Low 4.55 1 Week 0.00 0.00
Close 4.75 1 Month 0.60 14.46
Volume 766193 1 Year -0.60 -11.21
52 Week High 6.00
52 Week Low 3.60
ARAY Important Levels
Resistance 2 4.98
Resistance 1 4.89
Pivot 4.70
Support 1 4.61
Support 2 4.52
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RIMM 13.03 0.39%
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QNST 8.90 20.76%
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SNSS 2.56 19.07%
GCFB 0.44 18.92%
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DVOX 0.05 -44.44%
PRXI 0.21 -43.24%
TRGT 0.96 -41.46%

Accuray Incorporated (NASDAQ: ARAY)

ARAY Technical Analysis 4
As on 31st Oct 2017 ARAY Share Price closed @ 4.75 and we RECOMMEND Buy for LONG-TERM with Stoploss of 4.63 & Strong Buy for SHORT-TERM with Stoploss of 4.23 we also expect STOCK to react on Following IMPORTANT LEVELS.
ARAY Target for May
1st Target up-side 5.32
2nd Target up-side 5.72
3rd Target up-side 6.12
1st Target down-side 4.18
2nd Target down-side 3.78
3rd Target down-side 3.38
ARAY Other Details
Segment EQ
Market Capital 515808224.00
Sector Healthcare
Industry Medical Appliances & Equipment
Offical website
ARAY Address
1310 Chesapeake Terrace
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
United States
Phone: 408-716-4600
Fax: 408-716-4601
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ARAY Business Profile
Accuray Incorporated, incorporated in 1990, has developed a robotic radiosurgery system, CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System, designed to treat solid tumors anywhere in the body as an alternative to traditional surgery. Its CyberKnife system represents the radiosurgery systems, combining continuous image-guidance technology with a compact linear accelerator (linac). Its image-guidance technology enables the system to acquire images to track a tumor's location and transmit any position corrections to the robotic arm prior to delivery of each dose of radiation. Its linac is a compact radiation treatment device that uses microwaves to accelerate electrons to create high-energy, X-ray beams to destroy the tumor. The CyberKnife system autonomously tracks, detects and corrects for tumor and patient movement in real-time during the procedure, enabling delivery of precise, high-dose radiation with sub-millimeter accuracy. The CyberKnife procedure requires no anesthesia. As of June 30, 2010, 206 CyberKnife systems were installed, including 132 in the Americas, three of which are pursuant to its shared ownership program, 45 in Asia and 29 in Europe. In June 2011, the Company acquired TomoTherapy Incorporated. The Company’s principal product is the CyberKnife system. It also offers optional hardware and software, technical enhancements and upgrades to the CyberKnife system, as well as service contracts and training to assist customers in realizing the benefits of the CyberKnife system. The CyberKnife system combines continuous image-guidance technology with a compact linear accelerator mounted on a computer-controlled manipulator arm to precisely deliver high doses of radiation to the tumor from numerous directions during treatment. Its patented image-guidance technology correlates low dose, real-time treatment X-rays with images previously taken with a computed tomography (CT) scan of the tumor and surrounding tissue to precisely direct each beam of radiation. The Company’s components and technologies of the CyberKnife system and the CyberKnife VSI system include CyberKnife VSI System, Robotic manipulator, X-ray sources, Image detectors, Synchrony Respiratory Tracking System, Xsight Spine Tracking System, Xsight Lung Tracking System, RoboCouch Patient Positioning System, Standard Treatment Couch, Xchange Robotic Collimator Changer, Iris Variable Aperture Collimator, 4D Treatment Optimization and Planning System, InTempo Adaptive Imaging System, MultiPlan Treatment Planning System, MultiPlan MD Suite, CyberKnife Data Management System. The CyberKnife system are used to target tumors that cannot be treated with traditional surgical techniques.