MEL Share Price

Open 1645.30 Change Price %
High 1645.37 1 Day 37.62 2.34
Low 1637.00 1 Week -0.19 -0.01
Close 1645.37 1 Month -8.23 -0.50
Volume 8700 1 Year 188.15 12.91
52 Week High 1681.50
52 Week Low 1042.50
MEL Important Levels
Resistance 2 1653.13
Resistance 1 1649.93
Pivot 1642.58
Support 1 1640.81
Support 2 1637.61
LON UK Most Active Stocks
GGP 0.29 52.63%
GGP 0.29 52.63%
GGP 0.29 52.63%
FITB 0.38 -50.65%
FITB 0.38 -50.65%
CWC 74.60 0.27%
CWC 74.60 0.27%
CWC 74.60 0.27%
INC 0.04 -20.00%
FRR 0.08 0.00%
LON UK Top Gainers Stocks
AKT 28.50 5177.78%
HHR 58.00 900.00%
MLD 10.00 700.00%
MES 0.28 75.00%
MES 0.28 75.00%
MES 0.28 75.00%
PFLM 5.75 64.29%
BAC 22.65 61.79%
BAC 22.65 61.79%
BAC 22.65 61.79%
LON UK Top Losers Stocks
ENDV 0.02 -99.85%
KEA 0.10 -91.30%
ACU 0.05 -87.50%
ACU 0.05 -87.50%
ACU 0.05 -87.50%
DCP 0.50 -75.61%
PCI 3.50 -53.27%
PCI 3.50 -53.27%
FITB 0.38 -50.65%
FITB 0.38 -50.65%

Mitsubishi Electric Corp (LON: MEL)

MEL Technical Analysis 2.5
As on 19th Jan 2017 MEL Share Price closed @ 1645.37 and we RECOMMEND Strong Sell for LONG-TERM with Stoploss of 58199.95 & Strong Buy for SHORT-TERM with Stoploss of 1544.98 we also expect STOCK to react on Following IMPORTANT LEVELS.
MEL Target for January
1st Target up-side N/A
2nd Target up-side N/A
3rd Target up-side N/A
1st Target down-side N/A
2nd Target down-side N/A
3rd Target down-side N/A
MEL Other Details
Segment EQ
Market Capital 0.00
Sector Technology
Industry Diversified Electronics
Offical website
MEL Address
Tokyo Building
2-7-3, Marunouchi
Tokyo, 100-8310
Phone: 81 3 3218 2111
MEL Latest News
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MEL Business Profile
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation develops, manufactures, sells, and distributes electric and electronic equipment worldwide. The company offers turbine generators, nuclear power plant and power electronics equipment, motors, transformers, circuit breakers, gas insulated switches, switch control and display devices, surveillance-system control and security systems, locomotive and rolling stock electrical equipment, elevators, escalators, building security and management systems, particle beam treatment systems, and others. It also provides programmable logic and computerized numerical controllers, inverters, servomotors, human-machine interface, hoists, magnetic switches, time and power meters, uninterruptible power supply, industrial fans, electrical-discharge and laser processing machines, industrial robots, clutches, automotive electrical equipment, car electronics and mechatronics, car multimedia, and others. In addition, the company offers wireless and wired communications systems, surveillance cameras, satellite communication and radar equipment, satellites, antennas, missile systems, fire control systems, broadcasting and information systems equipment, data transmission devices, network security systems, systems integration products, and others. Further, it provides power modules, high-frequency devices, optical and LCD devices, microcomputers, system LSIs, and others; LCD and projection televisions, display monitors, projectors, Blu-ray disc recorders, room and package air conditioners, air-to-water heat pump boilers, refrigerators, electric fans, ventilators, photovoltaic and hot water supply systems, LED and fluorescent lamps, indoor lighting, compressors, chillers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, showcases, cleaners, jar rice cookers, microwave ovens, IH cooking heaters, and others; and procurement, logistics, real estate, advertising, finance, and other services. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation was founded in 1921 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.